The app

Your new car-sharing solution, developed in Sophia Antipolis

It is becoming increasingly obvious today to rethink the way we travel and use the various means of transportation. While some prefer to turn to public transport or micro-mobility solutions such as bicycles and scooters, others have no choice but to use their car, but in a way that is not always optimized. Why don’t you rethink your mobility? Discover the principles of carsharing or more broadly shared mobility with izzymobility solutions, a mobility application developed at Sophia Antipolis.

An innovative technology

An innovative technology With izzymobility, it is a brand new way of thinking about mobility that accompanies the solutions offered by the application. This idea stems from these findings :
  • 37% of households own at least 2 cars
  • 33 million cars in circulation
  • 95% of time spent in parking
  • Cars account for 12% of the household budget for an average daily commute of 5 kms
Thanks to izzymobility, all this is over ! The izzymobility application is :
  • A safe and personalized use logic, based on the need for movement.
  • Optimises means of transport by sharing them.
  • Relies on car dealers, physical trusted third parties.
  • Aggregates transport services to encourage the use of new alternative mobility.
  • By means of a digital single window of multi and intermodal mobility, that is to say plural.

Car sharing

Our izzymobility solution is a new mobility experience that acts as a single point of multimodal mobility. 

It makes it possible to go from a logic of ownership of the means of transport to a logic of use of these same means. 

It is designed by and for car distributors who offer new mobility solutions to their customers by making their shared vehicle fleet available. It also encourages their customers to share the vehicles they own and only use them when they need them.

Car distributors act as trusted third parties, they maintain shared vehicles. They encourage alternative soft mobility services by giving access, via the app, to new services open gradually.

Electric bike rental

Do you want to turn to micro-mobility solutions for your city trips or small daily trips? But you don’t want to burden yourself with a bike or a scooter at home?

Our partner dealers are increasingly encouraging alternative mobility services such as more responsible electric bicycles and scooters, with a lower impact on the environment. Move smart and adapt your means of transport to your needs, favouring responsible and sustainable methods. With izzymobility, your travel and bookings are facilitated.

Would you like to know more about how the izzymobility application works? You can call us at +33 6 66 52 92, we will be happy to talk to you.